The Wonder Club

"I know one year for humans is like seven for dogs, I wonder... do fish have fish years?" This question was posed to me by a 3rd grade camper while studying sculpin in our Marine Lab on a foggy coastal afternoon. Campers always ask the best questions! One of my favorite activities here at Coastal Camp is inviting campers to join the Wonder Club. To join the club, all one must do is say "I wonder..." then state the very thing you wonder about, it could be anything! The very first step to inquiry-led science is through the power of wonder, pondering questions like  "Do fish have a life span like dogs?" only helps support more exploration into our natural world. Encouraging campers to think up their own questions and wonder statements is the taproot of any good scientist; being able to wonder without fear. I invite you to join your camper in becoming a member of the Wonder Club, all you have to do is begin with "I wonder..."

-River Yakobovich, Coastal Camp Manager