Reflection from Coastal Camp Manager, River

One highlight of being the Coastal Camp Manager is being able to hear the snippets said by campers as I am walking around. One morning, as I was walking a very young Coastal Camper to the campfire circle, she asked me if I liked her wings. I looked and saw none, however, I asked her, "Do you wear wings all the time?" She stated to me in a very serious tone, "Yes, but usually my wings live neatly folded and tucked away behind my dress, they don't come out when I am afraid." As I reflected on her words, I felt so grateful that campers here can spread their wings and not be afraid to soar. I felt so honored that she would share this with me and that her wings were not 'folded tucked neatly behind her dress' as she ran off to join her fellow campers at the campfire circle.