Coastal Camp grew out of a need for our region's youth to have authentic, nature-based summer programs. Coastal Camp's national park location in the Marin Headlands is the ultimate setting for outdoor exploration, hands-on learning, and adventures on trail.

Coastal Camp is a program of NatureBridge, a nonprofit environmental education organization that has been teaching and inspiring students in national parks since 1971. We are proud to partner with the National Park Service, working side by side to strengthen the role education plays in our national parks and the role our national parks play in the lives of our youth.



Outdoor learning focused on your child’s developmental stage
Children are spending increasingly less time playing outdoors. Research has shown that children who spend time outdoors regularly are happier, healthier, and stronger. Coastal Camp gets campers outside; integrating play, learning, and adventure.

Building upon each cognitive and developmental stage, Coastal Camp helps kids get the most from their time in nature. From their earliest years through adolescence, activities and themes are designed to grow your child’s connection with nature.

Kinder Camp
By playing, exploring, and making new friends in the outdoors, campers develop their imagination, creativity, sense of wonder, and respect for all living things.

1st-3rd Grade
By learning about the local ecosystems campers develop a sense of place and a deep appreciation for the natural world while enhancing creativity and problem solving skills.

4th-6th Grade
By participating in hands-on activities, exploring interconnections, and working together on conservation projects in nature, campers gain independence, confidence, and an awareness of their environment.

7th-9th Grade
By participating in challenging team-building activities and conducting inquiry-based science experiments, campers strengthen critical thinking and leadership skills.

Coastal Camp offers an incredible service to young kids (even as young as Kindergarten) to plant the very important seeds of respecting and valuing our natural environment. Campers have these special and heartwarming experiences with their counselors and educators and get to experience the natural environment in a gorgeous setting!
— Coastal Camp Parent