GRADES 4 - 6

Hiking to victory point and spending time in nature

June 10 - 14 SOLD OUT Join the Waitlist or August 5 - 9 SOLD OUT (Join the Waitlist) $408/week
July 1 - 5 $327/week (No camp July 4) Register

Earth Explorers - NEW!

Take hikes to some of the Headlands’ most scenic ocean vistas and discover the hidden worlds of plants and animals. Use your senses to explore the Headlands in a whole new way. You will deepen your appreciation for the natural world by seeing the world the way animals do, creating art, and hiking to inspirational locations.  

  • Explore the ecosystems with deer ears, eagle eyes, raccoon touch, and fox walk

  • Visit Tennessee Point

  • Discover edible and medicinal plants

  • Create art at scenic vistas

  • Use your ears to create a sound map

  • Practice mindfulness on the beach

Sailing the bay and checking out marine life

June 17 - 21 SOLD OUT (Join the Waitlist) or July 15 - 19 SOLD OUT (Join the Waitlist)

Wild Oceans

Featuring a Bay sailing adventure! Marine biology takes center stage this week as campers explore coastal tide pools, Rodeo Beach, microscopic plankton, and local marine mammals. Coastal campers will explore the role that humans play in protecting and conserving our oceans. 

  • Hike to the Point Bonita Lighthouse

  • Get hands-on with the Marine Lab critters

  • Examine plankton under a microscope

  • Participate in a national science project with 5 Gyres

  • Bay sail on the schooner Seaward

  • Explore the Bay Model Visitor Center

Point Bonita hiking adventure!

June 24 - 28 SOLD OUT (Join the Waitlist) or July 22 - 26 register or August 12 - 16 SOLD OUT (Join the Waitlist)


Grab your hiking gear for a week of special adventures to unique landmarks and locations. This theme includes exciting hikes to scenic destinations other Coastal Campers don’t experience. Exploration requires teamwork and Trailblazers will work together to solve puzzles and build trust along the trail.

  • Gaze up at the Golden Gate Bridge from Black Sands beach

  • Create location-based reflections and art

  • Venture to the highest point in the headlands atop Hill 88

  • Explore the Plateau in the Sky, a historic helipad hidden in the hills

  • Solve the Magma Maze

Overnight camping in the Marin Headlands

July 8 - 12 register or July 29 - August 2 register

Call of the Wild - Grade 3-4 Only

Featuring a one-night overnight! Join Coastal Camp for a week in the wild! You'll always be on the right track as you practice orienteering skills with a map and compass. Outlast the elements with your team and learn how indigenous people used the natural resources to thrive in the Headlands. 

  • Go on trail adventures in the Headlands hills

  • Discover native animal adaptations

  • Visit the Native Plant Nursery

  • Test your shelter building skills

  • Tour historic landmarks in the Headlands

Descending the Coastal Trail in the Marin Headlands

July 8 - 12 SOLD OUT (Join the Waitlist) or July 29 - August 2 SOLD OUT (Join the Waitlist)

Adventure Trek - Grades 5-6 Only

Featuring a one-night overnight! Stamp your passport to adventure during this week of quests, discoveries, and explorations! Each day features a hike to a different secret spot in our park. To get there, the team will have to work together and complete challenges and riddles. 

  • Go on a Headlands-themed scavenger hunt

  • Participate in team challenges, including a night hike

  • Create a map of your adventures

  • Make a team banner

  • Hike to Tennessee Valley for the overnight