GRADES 7 - 9

EcoQuest adventures in the Headlands

August 5 - 9
$630/week register

EcoQuest Land

Featuring a two-night overnight backpacking trip! Let your quest for adventure begin at the top of Mount Tamalpais as you explore the magical coastal watershed. Learn the basics of backpacking and strengthen your leadership skills as you navigate back to the Headlands. Help scientists monitor the health of the local redwood forests and practice your science research skills by recording data of local sword ferns for the participatory science project, Fern Watch.

  • Hike from Mount Tamalpais back to the Marin Headlands

  • Collect data and make measurements trailside

  • Use GPS to chart location on a collective orienteering map

Kayaking Richardson bay and exploring marine life

August 12 - 16
$578/week register

EcoQuest Sea

Featuring a kayak trip on Richardson Bay! This incredible journey will focus on exploring both ocean ecology and the ecology of the San Francisco Bay. Go on a four-hour kayaking adventure with professional guides. Gain a deeper understanding of human impacts on marine ecosystems and create innovative strategies for change.

  • Determine the abiotic and biotic impacts on the San Francisco Bay

  • Get hands-on with the Marine Lab critters

  • Study harbor seals at Point Bonita

  • Compare plankton samples from different bodies of water

  • Collect data for the 5 Gyres national project